RL Stevens And Associates - Lies, stole, cheated, degraded, mislead, neglected

Springfield, Massachusetts 1 comment

R.L.Stevens & Associates Inc.Waltham Massachusetts.

R.L.Stevens uses 'False Advertisement, aged and dishonest people, and one lie covers another' Tactics to cheat me to Spend $4000 but Only Got One Resume and Cover Letter.

This company's people have successfully cheat many people and a lot of money, please read the detail in Rip-off Report.com.

Those old people need to disappear in the world and they are human rubbish.They did nothing as what they say, I don't know how these people can face their family and their children for called liers by many people.

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Boston, Massachusetts, United States #691509

Last time I checked, their website is for sale. Apparently they are out of business. Good riddance!

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